Election Portal

India is the biggest democratic country in the world. We are an IT super power. Though Information technology and India are very synonymous, we are not utilizing technology in the Political Process. To overcome and breakthrough this, Party Analyst is established. Election Analyst is a powerful, integrated and enriched online election analysis platform. The election analysis is cohesively interwoven with remarkable tools and applications that empower the pillars of the Indian Democracy. It also brings social networking to connect these pillars. Election Analyst also provides different services to the participants of Indian Elections. Elections, Voters, Politicians, Political Parties and Media are the pillars of the Democracy. Party Analyst serves the pillars of Indian Democracy at every stage with Know-Analyse-Act tag line.

Election Analyst to Political Parties & Leaders:
For Political Parties and Leaders, the technology is not a core business. They always look towards "how to serve and reach the people to win the elections". Party Analyst makes use of technology, for election analysis and other different tools, to help you, serve and reach the people in a better way. Parties and Politicians always want the present voters’ pulse and require lot of information on their own party activities and also opposition party activities. Party Analyst provides different services to fulfill these needs.
Election Analyst to Media:
Election Analyst services are offered to Print & Electronic Media houses, with vast collection of compiled past and present election data. All this is integrated into a single platform, for doing any cross analysis, in a simple and easy way. Party Analyst strengthens the elections analysis reporting and presentation, with readily built comprehensive reports by dissecting every piece of information on elections.
Election Analyst to Voter
Election Analyst is a unique, first of its kind, Political Social Networking platform, based on locality, for voters and leaders. This is a FREE service to all. People can Register, Connect, Convey, Engage and Discuss all political issues and concern of their constituency and publish grievances or support others grievances to create an impact leading to the solution for a problem. Now the internet and social media is playing a major role in everyone’s life. Party Analyst is useful not only in publishing the information, but also in capturing information from all levels of people. Party Analyst makes people also involve in publishing information and their personal opinion about political parties and leaders
How Election Analyst is Useful?
Election Analyst provides various analysis reports to understand the present and past Election Scenarios and also provides various Election Management Tools like Cadre Management, Constituency Management, Problem Management, Profile Management etc. It also provides lot of Services to politicians/aspirants/parties to understand the present and past political scenarios through Surveys and Opinion Polls. It also provides “News Tracking Service” to analyze the news. The voter needs a robust social networking platform to connect, convey and engage in a meaningful political discussion about Parties, Leaders, Different Government Bills and Policies and to address his grievances. Party Analyst acts as a social networking platform and it also serves the voters as an election platform that connects them with their locality, leaders, and parties with instant updates and also help them to express their views and share the information to everyone about their party/leader updates, their grievances etc.